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FaQs. General Information

Is hard anodized cookware safe?

Yes, hard anodized cookware is safe for cooking. Generally, cookware without an additional non-stick layer are far safer than non-stick cookware as they do not leach any chemicals into your food.

Is hard anodized cookware non-stick?

Hard anodized cookware do not have a non-stick coating, but can give non-stick results if used correctly. Generally, the pan has to be sufficiently heated before adding food in so as to yield non-stick results. For more info, please watch our YouTube videos.

Can I fry fish in hard anodized cookware?

Yes, definitely. Once again, if the pan is sufficiently heated before you add the fish in, it can give you non-stick results.

Can I wash the pan when hot?

Yes, hard anodized cookware do not have any coating so it is safe to wash the pan when hot.

What kind of sponge/scouring pad should I use for washing?

We highly recommend using the rough scouring pad (3M green heavy duty scotchbrite) for washing as that removes any residual dirt and grease most effectively. Try not to use the green scouring pad that's attached to a yellow sponge as the green part loses its effectiveness fairly quickly.

Can I use the pan/wok for steaming?

Yes, you can use the pan/wok for steaming, but we recommend that you apply the wok with a layer of oil after steaming so that the wok can re-absorb oil. After steaming, wash the wok and heat till dry, then apply a thin layer of oil. Leave it for 1 hour or so, then wash off the oil. Generally, the more hard anodized cookware comes into contact with oil, the more non-stick it becomes.

Can I use metal utensils on the pan?

Yes, hard anodized cookware can be used with metal utensils. However, please refrain from knocking the pan with the sharp edge of the metal utensils as this may still cause slight dents to appear on the pan. These dents, if any, won't affect the use and performance of the pan.

Do the pans come with lids?

All our products come with glass lids.

What is the difference between a frypan, a wokpan and a wok?

Generally, a frypan has a wide, flat base and is shallow. Frypans are suitable for cooking western food like searing steaks and cooking pasta. A wokpan has a smaller base and is deeper. Wokpans are more suitable for stir-frying, cooking soups and stews, as well as deep-frying. A wok is similar to a wokpan, except it comes with two short side handles instead of one long handle.

Are your pans induction-friendly?

You can check the product details section to ascertain whether the pan is induction-friendly or not.

How do I place an order?

Click on 'Shop', select the item(s) you want and click on the 'Add To Cart' button. When you're ready to order, click on the cart icon on the top right hand corner to complete your order and payment. If you have any special requests, simply note them down in the 'Special Instructions for Seller' field and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Can I amend or cancel my order after making payment?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to cancel your order once payment is made. If you bought the wrong item and would like to change your order, do email us at bteotdg@yahoo.com.sg within 1 hour of your order confirmation to inform us of the changes you would like to make. We will try our best to amend your order if possible.

Can I change my delivery address after placing my order?

If you need to make changes to your delivery address after placing your order, please email us at bteotdg@yahoo.com.sg within 1 hour of your order confirmation to inform us of the changes you would like to make. If you take more than 24 hours to inform us of the changes, chances are your order may have already been shipped out.

What are the available modes of payment?

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit and debit cards, ApplePay, as well as bank transfer.

Where do you ship?

We are located in Singapore and ship within Singapore.

Do you do ship internationally?

While we would love to ship internationally to you, shipping charges are very expensive! If you are keen on buying our products and are willing to pay for the shipping fees, do contact us at bteotdg@yahoo.com.sg and we will try to make the best possible arrangement for you.

How much are the delivery charges?

For orders below $99, there is a delivery charge of $5. For orders above $99, delivery is free!

How long do you take to deliver the orders and what are the delivery timings?

It will take 2-3 working days for your items to be delivered. Deliveries will be done from Mondays to Saturdays, from 10am to 10pm, excluding public holidays.

Can I choose my desired delivery date and time?

Unfortunately, as deliveries are handled by an external courier provider, we have no control over the delivery date and time. However, if you do have a special request, do note it down upon checkout and we will try out best to fulfill your request!

What if I miss a delivery?

If the delivery attempt fails, we will contact you to schedule a re-delivery for free. However, if the second delivery attempt is also unsuccessful, there will be charges for the third delivery.

What if I receive a wrong item?

We will do our best not to make any mistake in our deliveries, but we are sorry if it does happen. In the case where a wrong item was sent to you, contact us at bteotdg@yahoo.com.sg as soon as possible and we will arrange for the correct item(s) to be delivered to you at no extra cost.

What if I receive a defective item?

We apologise greatly if this happens! In the case where a defective item was sent to you, contact us at bteotdg@yahoo.com.sg with photo(s) of the defect. We will assess the defect and arrange for a new item to be delivered to you at no extra cost should the item be deemed defective.

Can I exchange/refund after receiving the items?

Unfortunately, we apologise but we do not accept exchanges or refunds at the moment.

Do you provide any warranty on your products?

We do not provide warranty on our products as they are non-electrical items. However, if you come across any issues while using our products, contact us at bteotdg@yahoo.com.sg and we will do our best to help you out with them. Spare parts like knobs for the lids or brackets for the handles can be purchased at a minimal fee at our retail outlets.

Question not answered?

If you can't find an answer to your question, drop us an enquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!